8 Android Apps that helps You Shave Time, Shave Money

It’s been around 6 years from the discovery of Android OS by Google Inc. In this time period of 6 years, Android has largely dominated the Mobile Market, the reason being it’s easy development platform & open source license. The applications in Android are no lesser than a piece of human intelligence.  We live in an era where our time is more important than anything else. You waste Time, you waste Money. And our very own Android takes care that you don’t waste any of these.

Here’s a list of few Android Apps that’ll help you Shave Time, Shave Money :

1. Any.do




Any.do is a to-do list creator that reminds you with any of your undone task & doesn’t lets you procrastinate ;) Whether you’ve to call someone, meet someone or greet someone, this app will help you set reminders for it. App can be synced with your Google account so that you don’t lose any data while switching your device.




2. Birthdays for Android

Birthdays for Android


We all have a tough time remembering the birthdays of our friends, families, colleagues, don’t we? And in order to overcome this problem, we keep a track of our facebook. What if we can’t have the access to our facebook or we don’t have an active internet connection? Well, not to worry people, this app will never let you forget birthdays anymore. Easy syncing can be done from the facebook for once to save time & it also allows you to add birthdays manually for those who aren’t there on facebook. Import/Export will help you when you decide to install/uninstall the app or switch your device.


3. Cardiograph



No more wasting money on devices to measure your heart bit rate. Cardiograph is here to provide you with the close to perfect results. Just place your finger on the camera lens & this app will let you know your current bit rate. This app has been launched after a lot of medical research & analysis to make it a trusted one.




4. Expense Manager

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Men, Women & Google

Google is so damn good at suggesting things. No problem at all if we don’t remember the complete phrase we’re searching for, Google is here to take care if it. This even works when we’re short of words or face difficulties in the English language. Well, this can even pull out some huge laughs when we’re suggested with some weirdo keywords.

There’s always an age long, huge, irritating, hilarious & never ending debate between Men & Women. However lame this topic must be, we can’t resist to participate in this War of Words.
But, it’s always Men & Women speaking for themselves. So, I thought of asking someone other than these two to share an opinion on the ongoing topic. And who else could be better than Google?

Here you go, these are some WH questions asked in reference to Men & Women & the answers will do no lesser than amazing you ;)

1. Why do . . .

why do womenI’m pretty sure that only Men can ask this question

why do menThis is an International issue, but no justified reasons found yet :(

2. Where do . . .

where do womenWell, this a technical one :-|

where do menUmm, that’s a tough one *blushes*

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51 Reasons Why “I ♥ You”

1. I can be myself, when I’m with you

2. You fill up my senses like the mountains in spring time

3. You love me even with my faults

4. I don’t have to vacuum before you come over

5. Even when I’m grumpy, you still like me

6. I can tell you anything & you won’t be shocked

7. We both know that together we can work out anything

8. Because you make me feel like I’ve never felt before

9. You let me give you a detailed description of how I spend my day

10. You never say, “Are you going to tell that story AGAIN?”

11. We can talk about everything or nothing, it’s always okay with you

12. You’re the light in my life, you’re the inspiration

13. When you hold me tight, everything seems alright

14. You never intimidate me

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7 Most Amazing Siblings Disney ever had

1. Lizzie & Matt McGuire

Lizzie & Matt McGuire



Matt always played an Asshole for Lizzie, but we all loved him for his crazy behavior & all that stuff he used to do with his cute friend.




2. Miley & Jackson Cyrus

Miley &  Jackson Cyrus



No doubt this girl has changed drastically, but yes, even I loved this Disney Princess  who is better known as Hannah Montana. Her brother Jackson was a crazy & dumb guy, but was cute & adorable too :)




3. Kim, Jim & Tim Possible
Jim, Tim & Kim Possible


We didn’t actually pay much attention towards the younger siblings of Kim Possible, did we? After all, this girl was too mind-blowing to take a sight away ^^’




4. Candace, Phineas & Ferb
Candace, Phineas & Ferb


Oh poor Candace, always bothered about what her brothers are up to. But we loved you Candace, the way you get irritated by Phineas & Ferb is so pleasing.



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Voice of India

“India is a developing nation”, these are the words we are hearing from past 67 years. But what is developing here? Why can’t I see any development? Poverty + Child Labour
Oh yeah, I see the huge towers, the buildings with glass walls, monorails and metros, huge malls. So, what is India supposed to do with this artificial beauty? Can anyone see the real India?
No, this time it’s not about the corruption here. It’s about the poverty in India; the laws in India. The law in India says “Punishment in India for Child Labour”; where does this law go when there are police on the signal and near the same signal a small kid is selling flowers, nuts or some phone covers. Is not that child labour? Oh yeah, whom will police catch there, it’s of their will.

What is the nation doing for these people? The Government is building huge flyovers, what for? For these kids to sit under it and beg? The ration office here provides grains at subsidized rates, but do they actually give them?
No, they ask for ration card, and for a ration card you need home. How are these poor, homeless kids supposed to get a ration card then?

Poor Child SellerThe Government offers food on days of national significance like 26th Jan and 15th August, but what are they supposed to eat the other days?
There are quotas in schools and colleges for OBC, SC & ST, but still these poor children can’t study? And for what? Because they don’t possess a caste certificate?
How will the one without ration card have caste certificate? These are the fucking laws of our country. When will these people grow? When will they have pen and  paper in their hands to express their thoughts? When will they stop sleeping on  footpaths, getting wet in rains and selling things just to earn few penny?

Is anyone seeing this? If someone asks me am i seeing, then yes I’m and the next  question is why don’t you take them home? OK! I’ll do. I can take 1 or 2, but what  about the thousands who still will be homeless? The Government is working for rural development, women empowerment; can anyone work for these poor people in limelight of this city?
On one side is the class of people who are driving classy cars and on other side is the class of people who are cleaning these cars and still don’t get anything. Please wake up! Stop beautifying the nation with concrete and glass. Make these children smile not for earning Rs. 5 by selling a pen, but by owning a pen to write their own future.

Guest Author : Zankhana Rana