Wanna shit on your Frenemies ?

Yes, this is a serious question & in its literal meaning.

You might wish to shit on someone in the following cases:

  • Someone pissed you off
  • Someone irritates you more than anything
  • Someone makes you listen to the Justin Bieber songs
  • Someone breaks your head every next day & is too strong to fight back
  • Someone uses your stuff without your prior permissions
  • Someone keeps you waiting for no reason
  • Someone just broke up with you
  • Someone plays an Asshole in your life

Reasons can be endless but the solution is one & unique in itself. You all might have wished at some or the other point in your life to shit on that Someone. Well, that’s actually possible now :D

Here’s a web service you’ve never heard of. It is called ShitSenders.com
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#DGQuotes (Version 4)

I. Learn the Act of Escapism,
because sometimes giving a fight back isn’t the wise action.

II. Learn from others’ mistakes,
because learning from self’s mistake is too mainstream :-P

III. In real,
you remember the faces of people you meet, but not the names.
And on Social Networks,
you remember the names, but not the faces.
That’s the Irony of Life.

IV. Everything around You is somehow related with You.
You might not believe this at the moment,
but in the near future, you’ll realize this fact.

V. If someone’s lost,
One can just suggest the right path to the lost person,
but one cannot drag the lost person onto it,
unless he | she opts the path.

10 Cartoon Series that will drive you back to your childhood

We all are aware of the quality of Cartoons these days. A 80s-90s kid can never watch today’s Cartoons, because he/she had a better part of it. So, here’s a list of some amazing Cartoons from our “Ache din”.

1. Disney’s Recess



Disney never fails to amaze us. Recess had the quite simplistic animation with thoughtful story line. It showcased the importance of Recess in a kid’s school life.




2. Adventures of the Gummi Bears

Gummi Bears



Fantastic story of the Gummi Bears who stayed in the trees & were known for their magical Gummi Beary Juice. Most of us even remember the title song of this series, don’t we?




3. Chip n Dale : Rescue Rangers

Chip n Dale



Bunch of cute little creatures on a mission to save the world. They were not just adorable but also very much thrilling.





4. Duck Tales

Duck Tales


The richness of this man never failed to amaze us. Swimming in water pool is too mainstream, he use to swim in the treasure full of gold coins. And how can one forget his scintillating nephews.




5. U.B.O.S

U. B. O. S



This was one big reason why we tuned to SAB TV. Many might have not seen this Cartoon series because of the channel domain :( But let me tell you, this one is a must watch if you’re a Potterhead. Yes, it’s about the school of magic.


6. Pokemon

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5 Black things every Young Mind desires

Black is the color most of the people prefer for outings & events like weddings, farewells, get togethers & even funerals (the Christian way). Of course, every party animal has couple of these black dresses readily available in his/her wardrobe. Black goes with almost all pieces of cloth & therefore we can save ourselves from making fashion blunders :D

Black is mother-friendly as well :D
Since, our mother do not have to take much efforts washing these black clothes, we can always be friends with mother.

Here’s a list of 5 things, the 5 Black things that almost all Young Minds might have desired in some or the other moment of their lives :

1. Batcycle


We all love Batman & more than that we love Batman’s gadgets. This Bike from “Batman Begins”, later modified in “The Dark Knight” made us all go WAAOOWW !!!

2. Batmobile

We were not even over Batcycle, then this brand new car or say super car made its existence into “The Dark Knight Rises” & left us all mesmerized. What was that one thing that this car couldn’t do? Well, I know that’s a tough question when we’re so in ♥ with this piece of awesomeness.

3. Play Station Portable

Not everything we love is Sci-Fi, this little gadget is the dream of every Gamer. Lock a Geek with this gadget for a whole day in a room & you’ll be surprised to know that the Geek won’t even ask for the keys :D

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Power Searching with Google (Google Certification)

How Search works ?

The first thing to understand is, when you perform a Google search, you aren’t actually searching the web, you’re searching Google’s index of the web, or at least as much of it as we can find. Google does this with software programs called spiders. Spiders start by fetching a few web pages, then they follow the links on those pages and fetch the pages they point to; and follow all the links on those
pages, and fetch the pages they link to, and so on, until we’ve indexed a pretty big chunk of the web.

Here are some Operators that’ll help you optimize your search results:

1. Chevron (>>) : Clicking on that chevron allows you to preview a document, letting you determine what kind of document is behind the link. It can help you decide whether that link will meet your needs, and whether you want to visit the page.

2. site : It limits the results within a specified site range.

Effective :
1. [site:stanford.edu]
2. [site:com]
3. [site:.com]
4. [site:nih.gov baby safe sunscreen]

Ineffective :
1. [site: stanford.edu]
2. [site:stanfordedu]
3. [site:stanford]

3. filetype : This is the way of limiting your results to files and documents of a particular kind.

Effective :
1. [filetype:swf muscle contraction]
2. [muscle contraction filetype:swf]
3. [filetype:swf]

Ineffective :
1. [filetype: csv]
2. [filetype:.swf]
Power Search

4. Minus operator (-) : It simply removes the invasive results.

Effective :
1. [salsa -dancing]

Ineffective :
1. [salsa - dancing]
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As Time passes by

Meeting was a sure shot thing as we both were clubbed into the same division & the same batch. No doubt, Vallari is bold enough to talk to strangers & transform them from strangers to acquaintances within a few minutes’ talk. She took a step forward to have a word with me & I still have a realization of it that had she not made an attempt, I wouldn’t have found such a close friend.

Obviously, she had her many friends & many groups from those friends & even I had a separate group of friends. This didn’t allow usVallari to get into regular talks, but whenever we were together, those times were memorable. Time would pass so swiftly & with so much of high energy.

There was no such deep impact incident that happened between us, yet then we kept on coming closer & closer as time passed. Be it being in the same batch or being in the same council or having n number of mutual friends or Ghatkopar Gang or likes for weird stuff or dreams decoding, all such things managed to keep us intact.

People who are full of life or those who are able to pull out smiles on the faces of friends by cracking some silly jokes or displaying some stupidity are often the people who are emotional deep inside & need someone to share it with, someone who understands them, someone who has nothing to expect in return & just cherish the innocence of this little relationship. I know I shouldn’t be murmuring these words as these are the emotions to be felt & not the words to be spoken out. But then sometimes we need to bring it on our lips as well, let people not mistake you, let them have a realization of who you actually are & what you actually desire.

It’s a great feeling when you have that someone, it makes you determined, it gives you a faith that you won’t have to walk alone all the times. Fortunate I’m to have you, to have you at the times when I need you.

Our friendship is a crystal clear example to explain that to have a good understanding of someone, you need not spend most of your time with them, but just spend the quality time.

I don’t hope that this will continue, instead I believe that this will grow even more healthier as times passes by. Since the belief is better than a mere hope.

Jod diya Dilon Ko ♥ x ♥

Let’s start it from the very beginning when I received a mail from IndiBlogger about the Zindagi meet at The Leela in Mumbai. I had joined IndiBlogger just a few months ago & hence this was my 1st meet. One is obviously excited for the 1st day of his school/college & so was I for my 1st meet.

What would the meet be all about? What kind of people would the fellow Bloggers be? Wouldn’t walking alone bore me? How am I supposed to dress? All such questions obviously tingled my mind, but the Monster of excitement ate them all :-D

Then I received another mail telling me to write a post about any journey of my life & if I was able to connect to the moderator, this would have won me a prize as well. There wasn’t much time awarded to share this experience since the meet was scheduled the very next day. This was my 1st meet, so how couldn’t I not participate! I always had it in my mind to write articles on my travel experiences & share it with my Viewers so that their journey to these places could turn even more amazing than mine. Unfortunately, due to some or the other reasons I never penned it down. There came this contest where I found the right time to post it :) I wrote an article on my first trip after joining Engineering & it was a trip to Matheran with Gaonwale (friends).
Here is the link to it “This was just the Beginning !
I was not the only one participating, there were many & they were a lot more experienced than me.
Indi Blogger | Zindagi

Mumbai Metro

Mumbai Metro

Just when I was about to leave for the meet, I got a call from Diana (from IndiBlogger) confirming my entry. I was pleased to know that they actually care & make sure that the one who has registered is actually coming or not. I left from my place i.e. Thane to reach the destination. Luckily Mumbai has Metro now which made my journey even more exciting. This was also the 1st time I was travelling via Mumbai Metro. Let me tell you, this Mumbai Metro is an Engineering Marvel. The Metro stations are super clean & the walls are painted with beautiful frescoes.

Finally, I reached The Leela. I thought I would be the one amongst few early birds here, but to my surprise there were already a good amount of Bloggers waiting at the entrance. These Bloggers are very punctual when it comes to business. We were served with delicious Lunch soon after we registered ourselves at the entrance. Obviously, I couldn’t connect to all the names of the dishes that were served. Some German, some Mexican, some don’t know what were they, but I enjoyed gulping it :D
If the dish wouldn’t have been too heavy to carry, I would have gulped a bit of more food :D

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